Reseller Program

🌟 Shine Bright: Start Your Chic Beauty Business with Us! 🌟


Welcome to Chic Beauty's Reseller Program – where beauty and business come together! We're excited to invite you to join our journey of style and grace. Team up with us to bring elegance and charm to everyone, all while enjoying some fantastic benefits as part of our Chic Beauty family.


🌺 Why Join Us?  

Awesome Products: Sell our super cool beauty products! From great skincare to amazing hair care, we've got a collection that's perfect for making people look and feel awesome.

Special Deals: Get our products at special prices, so you can make some money while making people happy. The more you sell, the more you save!

Help with Selling: We've got your back! Use our cool pictures and posts to help you sell.

🌟 How It Works: Easy Steps to Glamour 

Sign Up: Tell us you want to join! It's easy and quick.

Choose Your Kit: Pick a kit with great products to start your business.


1. Hair care kit (5 products) –Hair care kit

Price- Rs. 1250

Payment Link-


2. Skincare kit (13 products) –Skincare kit

Price- Rs. 2900

Payment Link-


3.Skincare and Hair care kit (18 products) –Skincare and Hair care kit

Price- Rs. 3750

Payment Link-


After payment please share screen-shoot at- or what's app on +917977953409


Show Off: Tell people about our cool products. You can do it in person or your website – whatever works for you and take the orders. You can buy the kit and show product physically, so you can take fast order. If you don’t want to buy these kits then we will send a brochure soft copy. Fill the form- Google Form

 Sell more, earn more. It's that simple.

🎀 The Chic Beauty Team Wants You!