Collaboration Program


Our business plan outlines the rules and regulations for influencers participating in Chic Beauty's collaboration program. This program allows influencers to collaborate with us and offer exclusive discounts to their followers. Through this program, influencers and their followers can enjoy a 20% discount, with 10% off for their followers using a unique code and 10% off for the influencers themselves with one year agreement.


Program Overview

2.1 Purpose:

The purpose of our influencer collaboration program is to create mutually beneficial partnerships, increase brand awareness, and drive sales through the power of influencer marketing.

2.2 Eligibility:

Influencers who meet the following criteria are eligible to participate in the collaboration program:

  • Active social media presence with an account in India.
  • Engagement with their audience and a genuine interest in skin care and hair care products.
  • Alignment with Chic Beauty's brand values and aesthetics.


  1. Collaboration Guidelines

3.1 Collaboration Agreement:

Upon acceptance into the program, influencers will be required to sign a collaboration agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the partnership. This agreement will include guidelines for promoting Chic Beauty products, including the usage of approved content, the duration of collaboration, and any specific requirements. Chic beauty can also use the content for promotional and advertising purposes.

3.2 Unique Discount Code:

Each influencer will be provided with a unique discount code that they can share with their followers. This code will entitle both the influencer and their followers to a 10% discount on all purchases made on our website.


  1. Benefits and Incentives

4.1 Discount Structure:

Influencers: Influencers will receive a 10% discount. This serves as a token of appreciation for their collaboration and support.

Followers: Influencers' followers will receive a 10% discount on their purchases when they use the influencer's unique code during checkout.

4.2 Tracking and Reporting:

To ensure transparency and accountability, we will provide influencers with a monthly report. This report has data on the number of purchases made using their unique code, allowing them to see their performance and earnings.

4.3 Exclusive Promotions and Product Previews:

Influencers will have early access to new product launches and exclusive promotions. This will allow them to provide their followers with first-hand information and generate excitement around Chic Beauty products. After receiving the products, Influencers have to make separate reel with applying shots for every products. Influencers have to share with us before uploading any post and don't forget to add collaboration. 


  1. Rules and Regulations

5.1 Code Usage:

Influencers must adhere to the guidelines regarding the usage of their unique discount code. This includes promoting the code responsibly and authentically, without engaging in any fraudulent activities or misrepresentation.

5.2 Compliance with FTC Guidelines:

Influencers must comply with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines for endorsement disclosure. They should clearly disclose their partnership with Chic Beauty and any incentives received when promoting our products.

5.3 Brand Image and Aesthetics:

Influencers must maintain the integrity of Chic Beauty's brand image and aesthetics when creating content and promoting our products. This includes aligning with our values, showcasing the products accurately, and avoiding any misleading or offensive content.



Chic Beauty's influencer collaboration program offers an exciting opportunity for influencers to collaborate, promote our products, and benefit from exclusive discounts. By following the program guidelines and adhering to the rules and regulations outlined above, both influencers and their followers can enjoy the benefits of our partnership while fostering brand awareness and driving sales.

Note: The specific rules and regulations may be subject to change based on the evolving needs of our business and compliance with legal requirements.

If you are interested, then please fill this Google Form. After submission let us know.